Colourful Characters explored the theme of ‘colour’ and ‘character’ through a series of workshops using textile arts with user groups at the Family Centre (New Addington, Croydon) and the Katherine Low Settlement (Battersea, Wandsworth). Participants were offered a set of selected materials and invited to make a personal colour choice. They then undertook a texile based activity which in turn led to an exploration of character. Part of this character inquiry touched on topics such as resilience, self-confidence, self-esteem, ambition and motivation. The conversations and activities that followed included an opportunity for participants to explore ideas around friendship, relationships and community. The project aimed to encourage intergenerational and inter-group work. Participants created individual compositions to take home and a collective composition to be displayed at each centre accompanied by a short performance. Colourful Characters ran for most of 2010 and was funded by Grassroots Grants.

“ Katherine Low Settlement has been delighted with all the weaving workshops we have had over the summer. Our Older people’s and three children and young people’s groups thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and we are all really hoping we can do more joint activities in the near future. Thank you so much to the team, your commitment to bringing creativity to the community is fantastic.”