Chin-Wag: a light informal conversation for social occasions

In Early Spring 2011 we spent two afternoons with the Older People’s Contact Club at Dimson Lodge Battersea.

We talked about words that were personal to us: Words recognised and understood by others but not necessarily used by them. Words we have incorporated into our everyday English from another place, language or culture. Words which define our life experience and who we are: Words that bond us without knowing.

The words from the group are included in this album along with visual responses to the discussion and images of the group members in conversation and making.

One word listed by several members of the group ‘chin-wag’ seemed to us to sum up the personality of this wonderfully warm and welcoming club which offers love and support to all its members.

We dyed cloths to make scarves and banners and made ‘chin-wag’ notebooks during the sessions.

We would like to thank the club for their enthusiasm and the ‘have- a- go’ spirit with which they undertook the making activities, and the inspiration we take as artists from their creativity.