What is Shared Heritage?

Shared Heritage is an arts organisation currently specialising in textiles and design.

  • It aims to work with local communities to make and present individual and group arts and crafts based creative  making activities.
  • It strives to ensure that its work supports environmental sustainability, for example through the use of  recycled materials.
  • It aspires to provide artists with a supportive structure in which to develop their practice.
  • Wherever possible Shared Heritage arranges programmes so that groups and individuals can come together to share and exchange skills and knowledge.
  • It also strives to ensure that the learning from its projects is made widely available to ensure others can benefit.

Tell me more?

Shared Heritage was set up by two friends, Iqbal Husain and Arif Naqvi, in 2004. They wanted to use the arts as a catalyst for creating shared spaces in which people could meet. Working with two talented and versatile textile artists, Viv Philpot and Dorothy Tucker, Shared Heritage started offering workshops to community groups in south London in 2005. The early workshops established some of the techniques and approaches that have continued to be used and developed by the Company.

The years 2005-9 saw intermittent activity. Both directors and artists were busy on other projects whilst helping the Company to evolve. During this time they successfully secured their first significant funding through ‘Awards for All’ for the Tana Bana project.

In 2009 and 2010 Shared Heritage engaged in more regular activity, taking on more directors, introducing new artists and working with more community groups. In forthcoming years it aims to continue developing its popular community arts projects whilst also establishing an educational programme.

These pages on the website are the culmination of our work to date and we are very grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England, Awards for All, the Grassroots programme and the SENSE fund for the support they have provided the Company in getting this far.

Our latest project is: http://www.harmonyproject.co.uk

For further information, please email sharedheritage@gmail.com